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June 1, 2020

Ascend: Your Journey Starts Now

Last call to join us at our Ascend internship, where you'll have the opportunity to experience a rewarding career in the financial planning industry and get a head start in…
May 18, 2020

Ascend: How Having High Standards Win Battles

Facing stress is part and parcel in any line of work. We get that too from time to time at Odyssey. However, we learn how to channel that energy into…
April 6, 2020

Ascend: What Holistic Teamwork Will Build

How do you build Teamwork? At this point in your studies, you would have already experienced team building through various activities such as sports, overcoming challenges and of course, having…
March 23, 2020

Ascend: The Mentor Who Inspires

A challenge for many undergraduates such as yourself is finding a career that is not only enjoyable, but also brings out the best in you. Even after you've decided on…
March 9, 2020

Ascend: Your Journey To A Rewarding Internship

So what internship can you choose that gives you these experiences and equips you with these skills? 1. A head start for a rewarding career in financial services industry, so…
February 10, 2020

Series 7: Another Evening With Odyssey

Hey, when we at Odyssey play hard, we mean it! That's why at our Monthly Events, we believe in casting work aside to just play games, enjoy each other's company,…
February 2, 2020

Series 7: One Sunny and Wet Afternoon with Odyssey

One of our perennial favourite things to do during our Monthly Event is to get wet! And why not we do so with a private chartered yacht! Take a look…
January 27, 2020

Series 7: A Morning of Bonding

What do we typically do on Monday mornings? We bond through sports, of course! This video will let you have a glimpse of how much we build our camaraderie on…
January 20, 2020

Series 7: An Evening with Odyssey

So what do we typically do to unwind at our Monthly Event? Here's a sneak peek. PM us to discover how hard we play at Odyssey... and what are the…