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Read More About What Others Have To Say About Us

Read More About What Others Have To Say About Us

Before I met Jasper, most agents did not earn my trust. They only focused on getting the result they wanted and not on my own personal well-being. In fact, I had very little idea of what it meant to have adequate retirement planning or even how to manage and plan for my CPF monies. Jasper raised the bar to levels that are difficult to compete by putting in his 100% to ensure that all your areas are covered with respect to financial planning and the trust placed in him can be seen not only from my own planning but I would also assume, from his other clients as well.

Patricia KohSales Engineer

I’ve always had my reservations about starting my own financial planning because it’s a long-term commitment and I wasn’t sure of its returns or whether it’ll be worth the investment. However, after Sherrill’s introduction and explanations, it made me realise how important it was to start planning now. I could see Sherrill’s passion and exceptional dedication towards her job when she took the time and effort to design and revise my plans to cater to my needs and preferences. I definitely trust that she’ll do a good job with helping me plan for my future and also making sure that I’m well-covered.

Teresa KohUndergraduate

Financial advisors have always been pushy which made me doubt whether they had my best interests at heart or were out to earn a quick buck from a fresh graduate. Then, I had the honour of meeting Jasper, who changed that perspective. Jasper is a sincere, patient and professional Financial Advisor who is keen to offer personal advice tailored to my financial situation. He was also willing to go the extra step to help manage some of my previous policies. I would highly recommend Jasper to provide holistic planning at any stage in your life’s journey and job fields as he is knowledgeable, adaptable and flexible with the solutions he provides.

Nicholas LimGraduate Student

Nigel has been my financial advisor since 2015, when I was still a university student. Nigel is an eloquent and meticulous financial advisor who consistently gave me quality advice to suit my current financial needs. I am pleased with his effort in establishing and maintaining good rapport throughout these three years, and I would like to commend him for his superlative work.

Koh Jie LeiPharmacist

What really struck me after meeting Leonard was that he was never pushy throughout our interactions, and you could feel how passionate he was about what he does - financial planning. Compared to previous consultants I have encountered, Leonard did not attempt to hide information that could be material to my decision making and ultimately led to me taking up products which are most suited to my needs. Leonard's intellect and drive won me over as a client.

Joanne QuekAnalyst

During our university days, I had the opportunity to work with Leonard to lead a team at the student residence. It was then that I witnessed another side of Leonard that indubitably impressed me. His leadership style was exceptional. He carefully meandered between the roles of a friend, a leader, and even the disciplinarian. All these aforementioned roles without compromising his values and responsibilities. Undoubtedly, he won the respect of many followers. He was solution-focused and will always leave you feeling invigorated for the upcoming challenges. Leonard was atypical of the financial consultants I have met. He always placed himself in my shoes and made sure that my financial needs were attended to. He responded quickly to my queries and provided extra information whenever I needed them. Honesty is a trait in Leonard I truly appreciate. He does not pretend to be the know-it-all, unlike the many I have met. Whenever I needed additional information, he will refer to the relevant sources to look for the most accurate answer before he attended to my queries. Today, he has become the one whom I consult for my financial planning as I transit between different phases of life. Thank you for always being there, Leonard!

Neville ChuaPharmacist

Even while studying in NUS, I ran my own business doing handcrafted leatherwork wallets and watch straps, etc. While most of my fellow course mates are caught up with studying, I had a livelihood to upkeep as well. I met Reuben in hall when we were living in the same dormitory together in NUS and we have been friends since then. When I had a claim to make for hospitalisation, he wasted no time to ensure that I got the best care and treatment that I could get, assuring me that everything can be paid for via the insurance plan that I got. Also, while others might be pushing the most expensive version of the policy, he recommended me something more suitable for my current life stage and situation. After which I have gotten several other policies for myself, as well as my mum from him and he has always shown sincerity in whatever he does for us. Insurance is something that you want for a peace of mind; when something happens and you need help, you need somebody on the other side that you can trust 100% to make it happen – Reuben is the guy who can do that for you.

Nicholas TanEntrepreneur

As a student facing enormous uncertainties, I had to juggle between multiple concerns such as finding a job after graduation and paying off student loans. I vaguely knew about the importance of financial planning but never had the time to find out what it entailed exactly. Brian is an excellent Financial Planner who was able to explain the essentials to me very succinctly and precisely. Thanks to his advice and services, I am able to focus my energies on the final years of my studies and job hunting, assured in the knowledge that he will be able to help me navigate the financial issues I will face in the future.

Lee Cheng XiUndergraduate

Don truly understands my financial needs and pays attention to every single detail. The solutions he recommended suit me. When I require assistance in claims, he was able to respond quickly. His actions break the insurance stereotype that the general public has. I’m truly glad and grateful to have him as my Financial Advisor.

Zhang PinrenEngineer

Meeting Nigel was a pleasant experience for me. He is competent in his delivery of financial advice and continually make efforts to stay connected with his clients. His professionalism serves as a pillar of confidence I have in him coupled with the quality of his services. As a client, I am satisfied with his services extended to me. And as a friend, he has always been reliable and trustworthy.

Sean SuenEngineer

Brian is someone i can trust to sell me products to meet my needs and not his. He took the effort to explain to me how each plan works and was very patient in answering all my questions even as I bombarded him with them.

Rachel WeeAssociate

Leonard is a brilliant financial consultant. When we first met, he took the time to understand my financial goals and planned out my finances within my comfort level. Besides from being extremely helpful and responsive, he provides consistent and in-depth financial advice whenever I needed his opinion. He now plays an integral role in not just my personal financial welfare but also the financial well-being of my family and friends. Thank you for giving me more confidence about my finances, for anticipating my changing needs as I progress further and for giving me a peace of mind knowing you always got my back.

Steffie OngMarketing Executive

When I met Reuben to do my own financial planning, I was extremely surprised when he told me that the life policy that my parents bought for me years ago was still sufficient for the current life stage I’m in, and that I only had to add on some small stuff to supplement it. Because of that, I could focus my efforts and resources on doing some wealth accumulation for the future instead. Reuben is a person that will be straight up about what you have and what he can help you with - that’s what sets him apart from the others.

Ron SimOperation Specialist

Most people would think that agents would want to sell something in every meeting. However, I felt safe in disclosing my financials with Marissa. She is very sincere in understanding my financial needs even if I needed to take time to implement all the plans I wanted. She was professional in handling my queries and I greatly appreciate her time taken in understanding my preferences. Hence, I have entrusted my entire portfolio with her and AIA, and have also introduced some of my close friends to her.

R. SarasvathyMedia Relationship Officer

I love Sherrill. Past consultants I have met did not come par to Sherrill's dedication and care. When we met, her entertaining and friendly disposition help me to keep an open mind to learning about financial planning, and expanding my viewpoint on my own finances.

Celine ChuaUndergraduate

I have met several consultants who use pressure tactics to close the deal. However, Marissa is a very likeable consultant who made my entire buying process very smooth and stress free. She was very transparent in all the plans and did not withhold information from me which I felt was different from other agents who only paint a flowery picture. I like that she is straightforward with me while maintaining a good professional relationship.

Neo Jun BingData Scientist

As someone who just started working with a variable income stream, I was looking for a policy that I felt comfortable with both in terms of the premium and its flexibility. Kevin has never failed to surprise me with proposals that addressed my concerns meaningfully. This was something that other advisors struggled with. And with a rising number of freelancers in Singapore, it is important to recognise how inconsistent income streams make annual or monthly bills all the more difficult. Kevin’s solutions have offered me peace of mind in this regard. While I may not need a premium holiday, for example, it is comforting to know there are options embedded into my policy that offer such flexibility.

Ernest PueyBroadcast Journalist

Nigel is a very dedicated advisor and a caring friend. I really like how he personalises the plans for me and as a client, and I am better able to visualise my exact needs. He is also fully transparent when sharing about each product he recommends, which really differentiates him from other advisors. The hard work that he puts in to make sure my needs are well taken care is the reason why I trust Nigel to be my lifelong advisor.

Aw Yu XuanInvestment Banker

When it comes to financial advice, Jasper is someone who pulled out all the stops to offer exceptional service. He was very detail-oriented, often making sure that he had gathered all the necessary data before assessing my financial situation and recommending the appropriate financial plan. Additionally, he went the extra mile to provide advice on how to better manage my expenses and savings which were very useful. Rather than giving a one-size-fits-all general financial plan, he offers advice that fits your needs specifically. Additionally, he always considers the vagaries of one’s financial life, and is able to always provide sound advice. As such, I highly recommend approaching Jasper should you need financial planning.

Jethro HoonFreelance Photographer

Brian really helped me to understand my financial position. I was able to better plan my finances and aim to save towards a brighter future. I highly recommend Brian, he is very professional and knowledgeable about the industry.

Eugene LimAudit Associate

I knew Kevin from NUS as a reliable and intelligent friend. People have been reaching out to him for financial advice ever since he was still an undergraduate. Hence, I knew that out of thousands of financial advisors available in Singapore, he is the one that I can trust. Unsurprisingly, my experience with Kevin has been exceptional. He provides a careful and personal analysis of my current situation before recommending any products. Kevin also continues to assist me whenever there is a major change in my life direction. I can confidently say that my financial future is fully taken care of now.

Willam HenryAccount Manager – Global Sales

Sherrill is extremely friendly and approachable. As a patient individual, she constantly provides prompt replies to any of my queries. Equipped with relevant knowledge, she has provided constructive advice which catered to my needs, Sherrill has helped me to gain a better understanding regarding financial related matters and is certainly a well-qualified advisor.

Tan Hui QiUndergraduate

When I just graduated from university, I was really lost and had no clue what insurance was or the importance of it. It was the best decision I made to approach Don one day and he explained to me in detail what financial planning was all about. I also felt that he was very sincere and really wanted to help me to cover what I needed as I was preparing to get married. Soon after, I had to do an operation for my back and when I saw the medical bills it shocked me. Luckily, I was covered and Don made the claiming process so hassle free and convenient that I didn’t even have to do much on my part. In the end, I did not have to fork out a single cent for the operation.

Ye Min TunPharmacist

Don is a very dedicated Financial Advisor who goes the extra mile to deliver the best service to his clients. He never fails to take the time to make sure that I fully understand the products before committing myself to buying the plans. Patience is a virtue in this industry which many other agents lack and hence I am truly appreciative of having him as my Financial Advisor.

Christine TohBanker