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Series 2: Why is Forward Thinking Important To Us?

Why is it important to be Forward Thinking in what we do?

Like many people, we love to travel to a foreign country. Doing so gives us an opportunity to experience a different culture, enjoy sights and attractions that we cannot find here, or simply to unwind.

But travelling can be expensive… and for the first time traveller, the trip might get daunting.

And so, that’s why we need to plan ahead for such getaways… weeks, months, sometimes even a year ahead!

We need to purchase air tickets, book accommodations, research on the attractions to go, get ready the right attire… and so on.

There’s no one we know who goes trekking in the Himalayas without proper preparation!

We need to see long term… We need to plan ahead…

We need to be Forward Thinking.

And it’s the same for almost every big decision that we need to make in life… buying our first apartment, getting married, accumulating wealth, building a legacy for our next generation… and for some, even retirement.

So at Odyssey, Forward Thinking is something that is crucial for us.

Because no longer are we just looking ahead for ourselves anymore… such as planning a travel trip to a foreign country…

What we do impacts your life in the long term… potentially until the day you retire.

Watch this last video in the series to discover how our consultants relate to being Forward Thinking.

…and why should that matter to you!

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Series 2: Why Is Dynamic Crucial In Odyssey?

Being financial advisors doesn’t just mean we only have to be consistent.

Yes, this is important. But if you think about it, consistency without progress just means we are static. And this is not a trait for us at Odyssey.

Being financial advisors also doesn’t mean we are merely adaptable.

Again, this is vital. But adaptability infers that we might only be reacting to changes, taking them in as the situation becomes different.

And finally, being financial advisors certain doesn’t mean we have to be ever-changing.

We certainly can’t be anyone our clients want us to be just for the sake of selling policies.

So we cannot be just consistent, adaptable OR ever-changing.

But when Odyssey combines all these 3 traits, while serving in an industry where regulations, products and offerings change very quickly…

It is crucial that we be one thing…


Watch this video to discover why you shouldn’t be working with advisors who are just consistent, adaptable and ever-changing…

Uncover why being Dynamic is crucial for Odyssey and you!

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Series 2: Why Is Quality Excellence Important At Odyssey?

What is Quality Excellence?

Academians define this as the ongoing efforts to establish an internal framework intended to engage and motivate employees to fulfill customer requirements within business expectations.

Other friends we asked told us this equates to performing and delivering to perfection.

But as Marissa aptly puts it, “at every point in the sales process, if we can provide the best service, that to me is Quality Excellence.”

And that’s exactly what every member at Odyssey embraces!

And that’s what our clients tell us…

“Marissa has furthermore helped me with my post check-up claims even to the extent of coming down to my office and residence to assist me.”

“Sherrill took the time and effort to design and revise my plans to cater to my needs and preferences.”

“Don truly understands my financial needs and pays attention to every single detail.”

And you’ll find more of such testimonials at our newly-launched website…

Watch this video to discover what Quality Excellences means to the rest of our team… and how their interpretation will impact you.

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Series 2: Why Do We Incorporate Fun In Our Work

“If your work is fun, then some people would say that, you’re not working at all.”

Reuben, our team member at Odyssey, sums up how he regards chatting with clients and interacting with his colleagues every day. In other words… how he works.

That is why at Odyssey, we incorporate this one element in our work…


Simply because we don’t regard meeting with clients and sharing about policies and processes as work…

For those who have been following us, you would know that, as a team, we have regular get-togethers… We shoot lasers and arrows (literally) at each other… We chill on a yacht… We have dinner together… And we dress up in onesies.

Simply, just take a look at what some days at “work” for Odyssey means, here…

And with our clients, we haven’t been known to be the typical advisors whom many of you meet on the streets or at the malls.

Because you are important to us… that’s why we incorporate FUN in our work.

Watch this video to see more from our team on how they incorporate FUN in their work… and potentially, in your life too.

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Join us in this adventure of building and having FUN together.

Series 2: Why Is Being Trustworthy Important To Odyssey?

When clients embark on their financial planning journey with us, expecting us to professionally guide them in the allocation and usage of their money, and acting upon our advice and service, they are placing something extremely valuable with us…

Their Trust.

In turn, we are morally obligated to ensure that they receive the best service, and for us to act in their best interest… because they deserve nothing less than these.

And so at Odyssey, we are in the business of building and maintaining Trust.

We believe that being Trustworthy is the core of our business. And because we value the Trust placed by all of our clients in us and are sincerely appreciative of this, we are inspired to create this new video series for you.

In the 5 episodes of this new series, we will be sharing with you what makes Odyssey the choice for our advisors and clients…

…starting with this first one where some of our advisors reflect upon the importance of being Trustworthy!

We would like to hear from you how has being Trustworthy helped you in your business, especially if you are in the finance industry too.

Or if you have benefited from the service of an advisor, why have you chosen to place your Trust with him or her.

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Odyssey: The Odyssey Story – Ep 4: Jasper’s Reason

Hi, I’m Jasper.

I joined the financial industry because of a rather peculiar reason which kept surfacing in my life…

It first occurred in my family, and then again on my first client.

That is none other than the inability to save.

Find out how I used this reason to motivate me to serve each client better going forward…

And perhaps you can use this to your advantage too.

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Thank you!


The Odyssey Story – Ep 3: Sherrill’s 1-Day Decision

Everyone wants to find a place where they belong. Be it in a new community, among new groups of friends, or in a new workplace.

Having worked at various organisations, I have come across different cultures and environment.

And here in Odyssey, I’ve found a team, a family, like no other. It was a place that I really didn’t expect to be my destination.

Over here, everyone is very willing to support one another, be it work-related or otherwise. It took less than a day of exposure in late 2017 for me to decide that this is where I want to be.

Please share with me in the comments below of your thoughts on the importance of a good culture at the workplace, or on the video, if any!

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The Odyssey Story – Ep 2: Marissa’s Backstory

It’s ok for families to go through financial difficulties…

…because mine did.

Hi, I’m Marissa.

Many of my friends know me as a cheerful and successful person. But most of them don’t know my backstory.

And so, I share that in this video…

…because I believe that our future is really up to us to make it.

…because no matter how small your steps might now, they will get you closer to your goals.

…because how our story ends is how we want it to be.

Let me know what you think of my story, and comment below how you have overcome your adversities.

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I hope to see you soon.


The Odyssey Story – Ep 1: Kevin’s Clear Values

We have very CLEAR VALUES that guide us.

I am often asked these 2 questions as a Financial Planner…

1. Why would clients want to buy from you when they can do so with their friends, or even self-serve?

2. Why would people want to join your team to tread this precarious path with you?

Hi, I’m Kevin. Having been in this industry for over 5 years, I thought it was easy to answer these questions.

It was only when my team – Odyssey was formed, that I realised both questions have the same answer…

CLEAR VALUES that resonate with our clients and glue our team members as one.

But what do CLEAR VALUES mean to us… and to you?

I believe it isn’t just a set of written guidelines for us to memorise or adhere to…

CLEAR VALUES develop from our lives’ milestones, gestate from our experiences, and flourish from our stories.

Hence, to start the Odyssey journey with you, we thought of sharing our story… starting from mine.

Let me know what you think after you watch this short video, and certainly your thoughts about having CLEAR VALUES, by commenting below.

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I’m Kevin from Odyssey, and I’ll see you soon.

Yacht Party

Commemorating three months since our founding!

Had our maiden voyage to celebrate the hard work put in by fellow Odyssians in the first three quarters of the year, and kicked off our final quarter of the year!

We were glad to be joined by specially invited guests and partners who have been with us every step of the way.

Now, we are all pumped up to sail full-steam ahead!

Watch this space for more