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Ascend: Your Journey Starts Now

Last call to join us at our Ascend internship, where you’ll have the opportunity to experience a rewarding career in the financial planning industry and get a head start in your life’s adventure.

Ascend – Your Journey to a Rewarding Internship

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Ascend: How Having High Standards Win Battles

Facing stress is part and parcel in any line of work. We get that too from time to time at Odyssey.

However, we learn how to channel that energy into a positive drive. Coupled with the knowledge that we equip in our consultants, we imbue in them one thing:

High Standards

Find out how we accord High Standards in ourselves to achieve success in the work we do by experiencing it for yourself at our upcoming Ascend Internship!


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Ascend: What Holistic Teamwork Will Build

How do you build Teamwork?

At this point in your studies, you would have already experienced team building through various activities such as sports, overcoming challenges and of course, having fun together.

At Odyssey, these are the things that brings us closer!

Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much more!

Experience being a part of a winning team for yourself and apply for our Ascend internship!

Find out more about it here:

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Ascend: The Mentor Who Inspires

A challenge for many undergraduates such as yourself is finding a career that is not only enjoyable, but also brings out the best in you.

Even after you’ve decided on a job, your journey might often involve a “hit and miss” approach with you having to stumble over many obstacles on your own.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Because with the right mentor to guide you throughout your journey, coach you to overcome your challenges, and inspire you to give your best, you stand a much better chance in growing exponentially in your career!

At Odyssey, that’s how our mentors do it – by helping each and every one of us to grow to our fullest potential!

Find out more through Ascend on how a mentor can inspire you to be the best version of yourself!

More details can be found here:

#Odyssey #GuidingYou #AscendInternship

Ascend: Your Journey To A Rewarding Internship

So what internship can you choose that gives you these experiences and equips you with these skills?

1. A head start for a rewarding career in financial services industry, so that you learn not only to be financially independent, you can even manage the finances of your loved ones?

2. A yacht party and an overseas trip for all of us to have a lot of fun?

3. A chance to develop strong interpersonal skills, which are essential in almost everything you do and everywhere you go in the future?

Find out more about how Ascend can let you achieve all these and more!
And when you are ready to do so, let us know more about you here:

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Series 7: One Sunny and Wet Afternoon with Odyssey

One of our perennial favourite things to do during our Monthly Event is to get wet!
And why not we do so with a private chartered yacht!
Take a look at how Team Odyssey really enjoy ourselves in this video.
And who knows…
If you are interested to join us in any of these activities, feel free to PM us. We’ll let you know what are the upcoming events that we have lined up for you to potentially experience.

Series 6: Why Odyssey – Kevin Goh

It’s been barely more than a year, and much has changed at Odyssey.
For one, our team has tripled in size…
And currently we have 4 very productive and caring Managers who are so motivated to nurture and grow their team members.
What else have we achieved at Odyssey?
I am immensely proud to share with you in this video – the last episode in our “Why Odyssey” series, on how much we have grown since we started in 2018.
And we couldn’t have done it without you, our beloved clients, friends and followers!
Have a Merry Christmas! And stay tuned to our new series in the new year!

Team Odyssey
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