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Together, we push each other beyond our limits.

Together, we set new milestones.

Together, we SUCCEED.


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360 Mentorship

Mentorship, good or bad, can really make or break your career in this industry. Here at Odyssey, we treat mentorship and coaching as an integral part of our responsibility. You will be paired up with various seniors and leaders to learn the ropes and build on your skill sets, both in classrooms and out in the field. We do more than giving you advice and helping you grow; we are here to build enduring relationships with you, and to help you to build the same relationships with your clients.

A Cohesive Culture

The ideal culture is not about ping pong tables, the flexibility of taking additional days off, and freedom to telecommute. Instead, it is a culture where leaders walk the talk and advisors strive to emulate that lead.

Dedication to progression

Career progression is near the top of the mind for many people. We have a model to equip you with the right skills and mindsets, in order to become leaders of tomorrow. Here at Odyssey, you will have ample opportunities to hone your leadership instinct and entrepreneurial spirit, and ultimately achieve to your fullest potential.

Embracing a growth mindset

With the willingness to grow as one of our four core values, we take your growth seriously. Adopting a growth mindset, continuously learning and developing your strengths, will ensure that you stay on top of your game.