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What has changed 1 Year Post Grad?

By January 26, 2023Articles

What has changed 1 Year Post Grad?

Previously, I wrote an article on the “Fresh Grad Starter Pack” and this article is a follow-up one year post graduation. I am writing this article from my perspective
and observations about my batchmates.

Clarity in Cash Flow
Firstly, clarity in cash flow management. Building a good habit is crucial right from the first pay cheque. It has been a year since I graduated, and I’m pleased that most of my friends are well versed in tracking their income and expenses to prevent overspending.

Build a Comprehensive Insurance Portfolio
Secondly, build a comprehensive insurance portfolio by allocating at least 10-15% of your income to insurance. Last year post-graduation, most of my peers have gotten basic insurance settled: Life Insurance, Accident and Hospitalisation. This gives them the peace of mind to pursue other financial goals in life.

Overall, it is heartening to see how my friends have progressed through adulting. An area that could be reviewed would be the investment portfolio, especially during a volatile period now. I’m glad that more of my friends are interested to kickstart or review their investment portfolios.

Yeo Tze Hern
Financial Services Consultant