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Things I wish I knew when I was an Undergrad

By January 26, 2023Articles

Things I wish I knew when I was an Undergrad

Undergraduate life is tough.

It is the period where you will make important decisions for your career, on top of juggling multiple commitments.

While there isn’t one true way to live out your university life, these are 3 crucial things that I wish I knew more when I was still an undergraduate.

Focus on developing high income skill sets
You are your greatest investment I see a lot of friends, spend over 15 hours every week overanalyzing their investment portfolio to get that extra 5% on their investments during their university days.

However, most of us do not have a large sum of money to begin with when we are young. An extra 5% on a small $1,000 investment is only $50 gain in a year. But an extra 15 hours invested into uplevelling your skill sets that help secure better career opportunities in the future, could possibly result in an extra $500- $1000 more guaranteed pay above your peers every month!

Embrace Failure positively
Oftentimes, I see many of my friends beat themselves over their grades. Or over a failed internship offer.

Remember that the outcome is NOT your self-worth. And only through failures can we learn to be a much better person.

Enjoy the journey
Join a club or an interest group that you can share your greatest passions with! Society often romanticizes hustling and any time not directed towards improving yourself is unproductive time.

But happiness is more than just your success. It is the sum of your experiences, your growth and joy you can share with the community that matters to you.

Focus on growing your character, your experiences, and your skills when you are
an undergraduate, which will eventually positively manifest into greater career and relationship success down the road!

Kenny Ng
Financial Services Consultant