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Engaging your Financial Services Consultant, the Ins and Outs

By January 10, 2023September 23rd, 2023Articles

Engaging your Financial Services Consultant, the Ins and Outs

Get Recommendations or Referrals from friends
Find out their Advisory Process
Trust your Gut

Before engaging in any long term relationships you would definitely want to find someone that you can work best with. Here are the top things to note when working with a Financial Services Consultant.

Firstly, try to talk to friends or family that already have a Financial Services Consultant, as they would have worked with the Financial Services Consultant for a while and would know whether they are reliable. Working with someone that you mutually know, would definitely help to filter off the more sleazy and shady advisors.

Secondly, during the first meeting with the Financial Services Consultant, take note of their advisory process as it is a tell-tale sign if the advisor is there to just push a product onto you or whether they are there to help. A proper process would include a Cash Flow Analysis, Portfolio Review and discussion on Future Goals. If the Financial Services Consultant is trying to sell you a product in the first 15 mins of your conversation, you should get ready to run!

Lastly, but probably the most important point is to Trust your Gut. During your 1st, 2nd or 3rd appointment, you should feel comfortable and definitely not suspicious. Ensure that expectations are aligned and that the characteristics of the Financial Services Consultant are something you can connect with – transparency, knowledge, and capability are things you should be looking out for.

In summary, be specific with who you engage in by setting certain criteria before deciding on the right Financial Services Consultant for you.

Benjamin Ng
Financial Services Consultant