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How My Personal Accident Coverage Saved Me Almost A Thousand Dollars

By February 20, 2021December 6th, 2022Articles

How My Personal Accident Coverage Saved Me Almost A Thousand Dollars

In the early weeks of January 2021, I found myself at the TCM clinic nursing an injured finger. The swelling had caused my finger joint to double in size. The cause? A casual basketball match with my colleagues.

That’s the frightening thing about accidents, it always happens unexpectedly. I had just added a personal accident coverage to my portfolio and little did I know, it came in handy so quickly.

A simple visit to the TCM easily set me back more than $200. Weeks passed and I was still experiencing pain and numbness, causing me to go for follow-up visits to further assess the severity of my injury. The X-rays and medication cost me an additional $600. Accidents cause financial strains no matter how small the situation is. Imagine having just a few minor injuries, it will set you back both financially and your everyday life. That is why having a personal accident coverage is important.

Working in a high-risk environment or being quite accident prone might be good considerations for getting started too. Personal accident coverages have always been traditionally used to provide major financial assistance in the event of partial and permanent disability as well. Consider transferring all these serious risks to ease potential financial burdens. The best part? You can get started for less than a dollar per day.

A lot of our elders have said that you can die in Singapore, but you can never get sick. It’s just way too expensive. It’s the same for injuries. Personal accident coverage has evolved over the years too and now includes medical reimbursement for Dengue Fever and even food poisoning, making it ever more relevant in our portfolio.

Starting off with a small coverage for yourself can help in large ways! Many a times when we tell ourselves ‘it wouldn’t happen’, it might actually happen and those are the times when you need it the most.

– Wong Lu Ping (@w.luping), Financial Services Consultant