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Why is it important to be Forward Thinking in what we do?

Like many people, we love to travel to a foreign country. Doing so gives us an opportunity to experience a different culture, enjoy sights and attractions that we cannot find here, or simply to unwind.

But travelling can be expensive… and for the first time traveller, the trip might get daunting.

And so, that’s why we need to plan ahead for such getaways… weeks, months, sometimes even a year ahead!

We need to purchase air tickets, book accommodations, research on the attractions to go, get ready the right attire… and so on.

There’s no one we know who goes trekking in the Himalayas without proper preparation!

We need to see long term… We need to plan ahead…

We need to be Forward Thinking.

And it’s the same for almost every big decision that we need to make in life… buying our first apartment, getting married, accumulating wealth, building a legacy for our next generation… and for some, even retirement.

So at Odyssey, Forward Thinking is something that is crucial for us.

Because no longer are we just looking ahead for ourselves anymore… such as planning a travel trip to a foreign country…

What we do impacts your life in the long term… potentially until the day you retire.

Watch this last video in the series to discover how our consultants relate to being Forward Thinking.

…and why should that matter to you!

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