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“If your work is fun, then some people would say that, you’re not working at all.”

Reuben, our team member at Odyssey, sums up how he regards chatting with clients and interacting with his colleagues every day. In other words… how he works.

That is why at Odyssey, we incorporate this one element in our work…


Simply because we don’t regard meeting with clients and sharing about policies and processes as work…

For those who have been following us, you would know that, as a team, we have regular get-togethers… We shoot lasers and arrows (literally) at each other… We chill on a yacht… We have dinner together… And we dress up in onesies.

Simply, just take a look at what some days at “work” for Odyssey means, here…

And with our clients, we haven’t been known to be the typical advisors whom many of you meet on the streets or at the malls.

Because you are important to us… that’s why we incorporate FUN in our work.

Watch this video to see more from our team on how they incorporate FUN in their work… and potentially, in your life too.

Let us know if you agree with us on how work should be… and help us Like and Share this video.

Join us in this adventure of building and having FUN together.