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The Odyssey Story – Ep 1: Kevin’s Clear Values

By November 19, 2018December 6th, 2022Videos

We have very CLEAR VALUES that guide us.

I am often asked these 2 questions as a Financial Planner…

1. Why would clients want to buy from you when they can do so with their friends, or even self-serve?

2. Why would people want to join your team to tread this precarious path with you?

Hi, I’m Kevin. Having been in this industry for over 5 years, I thought it was easy to answer these questions.

It was only when my team – Odyssey was formed, that I realised both questions have the same answer…

CLEAR VALUES that resonate with our clients and glue our team members as one.

But what do CLEAR VALUES mean to us… and to you?

I believe it isn’t just a set of written guidelines for us to memorise or adhere to…

CLEAR VALUES develop from our lives’ milestones, gestate from our experiences, and flourish from our stories.

Hence, to start the Odyssey journey with you, we thought of sharing our story… starting from mine.

Let me know what you think after you watch this short video, and certainly your thoughts about having CLEAR VALUES, by commenting below.

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I’m Kevin from Odyssey, and I’ll see you soon.